Legal Help With Wills and Probate

Welcome to my mackenzie friend Wills and Probate. My Mackenzie friend offering litigants in person legal assisttance and consultancy service for wills and probate clients. Our aim to provide a first class services to person who is litigants in person, that is in any case where that person is not represented by solicitors or barristers. At My Mackenzie we offer you three choices of appropriate professionals: Solicitors, Barristers or Mackenzie Friend. Our aim is to be as open and transparent as possible. We will take you through what happens when you contact us with your enquiry. My Mackenzie always tailor’s our services to meet your exact needs and circumstances. if a solicitor is required our qualified solicitors will be happy to work with you. You will receive advice at a competitive price and often on a guaranteed fixed fee basis. Solicitors required to act on your behalf will be regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority and any monies paid to them will be held in their client account.

Our wills and probate price guide you will receive advice, often risk free, on No win No fee basis, otherwise you will be guarenteed a fixed fee. No advance fee or deposit in most of the cases.

  1. Power of Attorney
    Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney is a used to grant the legal authority for someone else to act on your behalf. Select from an ordinary or lasting Power of Attorney Assign your agent specific powers, such as tending to your financial or personal welfare available for England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.
  2. Last Will and Testament
    Last Will and Testament A Last Will and Testament is a document describing your final wishes, including how you would like your estate allocated after you pass away.Personalise your own Last Will in 5-10 minutes following our step-by-step instructions Easily appoint an executor/personal representative to carry out your estate plans control how your estate will be distributed
  3. Living Will
    Living Will An Advance Decision, also known as Health Care Directive, expresses an individual's health care and medical treatment wishes in the event they can no longer make medical decisions for themselves.
  4. Revocation of Power of Attorney
    Revocation of Power of Attorney A Revocation of Power of Attorney is used to revoke or cancel an existing power of Attorney.